My Techy-Girl

I’m a very lucky woman, because I have a Technical Support girl who also happens to be my daughter and one of my best friends.  I couldn’t make my little blog or anything technical without her!  Here she is….Isn’t she cute??


Granny Squares

533825_2717272307539_472436190_nThis is Addie’s baby blanket for her baby doll for Christmas.  She loved it and I was so touched!  Love granny squares!  I love the granny squares I keep finding on Pinterest.  Now I want to try them all!

Deciding to make a blog

When I think of a blog, I think of a really smart person who lives in a loft in New York City.  They have tons of things to say, wonderful surroundings to draw inspiration from and are a lot more creative than I could ever think to be.  But after reading some awesome blogs this past month or two, I decided to jump in the water and make my own.  Carve my own path.  Ohio is awesome too!  Right?  My life is full of cool stuff, I just need to stand back and look at it from a different angle.  Believe in myself and give myself a break.  Everyone loved their gifts I made them for Christmas, and that was so encouraging!  They liked it!!  Hopefully, people will like my blog too!  Okay, holding my nose…getting ready to jump…Ready or not, Here I come!!